Xhose Pro with Brass Fitting by Dap

Xhose Pro by Dap

Dap Xhose Pro TV Offer

Xhose Pro with Brass Fitting by Dap
The Original Expanding Hose Is Better Than Ever!
Super strong and durable yet ultra-lightweight
Absolutely will not twist, tangle, or kink!
Automatically EXPANDS when water is turned on.
CONTRACTS back in seconds when water is turned off

The original blue expandable garden hose, Xhose by Dap, is everything your typical hose is not. The Xhose is lightweight, expandable, and compact.

The hoses have a powerful spray and kink-free design. Now Dap has come out with a new, improved design. It has solid brass fittings, a wider diameter, and a more powerful spray crafted from even more robust materials. It expands and contracts up to twice its length for easy maneuverability and storage.

The Dap XHose Pro is like no other garden hose you may have come across. It is so easy to work with to make chores more comfortable, like washing your car, watering your plants, etc. So lightweight, take it on the go in your car, RV, or boat.

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