Chill Chest Light Weight Collapsible Cooler Requires No Ice

What is the cooler advertised on TV that requires no ice?

Chill Chest is extremely-light-weight yet sturdy and adequate to hold more than 100 instances of its weight significantly. Use the cooler at sporting events, parties, picnics, beach excursions, camping, sailing, etc.

You are presenting As Seen On TV’s Chill Chest Cooler, the lightweight, collapsible, Ice-less colder. Regular coolers are hefty, need ice, and make your food soggy when the ice thaws.

This colder is a cutting-edge product that is lightweight, collapsible, and maintains things ice-cold for approximately 10 hrs without any ice. It features a 41-quart ability and fits about 60 containers. It also keeps things iced up for hours, with no ice required. It weighs less than two lbs., so it’s straightforward to take with you anywhere. Perfect for Outdoor Parties, BBQs, Sports Events, Picnics, Beach Outings, Camping, Boating & More.

Chill Chest is a foldable cooler and insulation container that can help to help keep food and beverages ice-cold or steaming hot for several hours. The total capacity supports up to 60 aluminum cans or a whole chafing pan and is made using a temperature lock innovation that contains the cold internally. Chill Chest is the awesome collapsible, stackable, ice-less cooler!

Keep food and beverages cold for hours without ice by utilizing the Chill Chest Ice-Less Cooler.

The Lightweight, Foldable Ice-less Cooler! Maintains Food & Drinks Ice Cold for Hours! A standard cooler is not only heavy but requires ice and can make food soggy when the ice melts! Chill Chest is the revolutionary cooler that’s light-weight, collapsible, and keeps items ice cold for approximately 10 hrs without any ice whatsoever! Chill Chest has a 41-quart capability and fits about 60 canisters!

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