Floor Police Motorized Dual Spinning Mop Heads

As Seen On TV Floor Police Cleans 10X Better Thank Your Ordinary Mop!

Two spinning mop heads do double-duty spinning hundreds of times every minute. The special reusable microfiber pads have tons of tiny cleaning brushes that loosen, lift, and lock in dirt. It’s a powerhouse cleaning system! The spinning places create a self-propelling motion, so, just like a self-propelled lawnmower pushes forward for you, does the Floor Police motorized mop!

Floor Police Motorized Mop As Seen On TV

The unique reusable microfiber pads have heaps of tiny cleansing brushes that loosen up, lift, and collect dust. It’s a powerhouse cleansing system! The spinning pads create a self-propelling motion, so, simply like a self-propelled lawnmower pushes onward for you, so does the Floor Police motorized mop!

This brand-new technology is a much faster and an easy way to clean your floors. Use water on the robust microfiber pads or spray on your favorite cleaner. Floor Police includes two spinning mop heads with compatible pads so you can effortlessly clean up as well as sanitize your floorings. It spins at an impressive 100 RPMs and is an entirely cordless mop, so you can conveniently relocate from area to space to clean.

Compatible Mop Head Pads: you’ll receive two microfiber floor mop pads, two scrubber pads, and two brightening pads for each cleaning demand in your house! Microfiber pads loosen, lift, as well as secure dirt. Sprucing up pads, spin the glimmer back to any surface area promptly. Combing pads eliminate the stickiest and also toughest messes!

Swivel Head: its low-profile design quickly walks around and under furniture, many thanks to Floor Police’s swiveling head. Because Floor Police reaches around them, gone are the days of relocating chairs and your couch!

Also Gets Hard-To-Reach Vertical Surfaces

Perfect for cleaning your windows high up or blasting away soap residue in your shower. Floor Police reach it all as well as works great in upright spaces. You can even get those pesky baseboards clean!

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