Relief Wrap Extra Long Therapeutic Massaging and Heating Pad

Relief Wrap from Thermapulse

The Relief Wrap covers your entire back giving you the warmth you need for those sore, aching muscles. Relieve stress and back pain with the Relief Wrap long heating pad.

Thermapulse makes it possible to get relief on your neck, shoulders, and back with a massaging heat therapy extra-long wrap. The wrap has two heating settings and happens to be five times larger than other traditional heating pads. For safety, it has a two-hour auto turn-off mode. To help keep it in place with weighted edges. Plus, a great bonus is that it is machine washable.

Loosen up with the Relief Wrap and appreciate the relief from throbbing joints and muscles. Created to relax and also revitalize you with comfy heat. The Relief Wrap warms and comforts throbbing joints and muscular tissues for optimal relief. Therapeutic warmth and massage for Maximum relief!

The two temperature settings allow you to customize your treatment in line with the degree of intensity you want to start feeling better! Switch on Thermapulse Relief Wrap to your desired location and let the relaxing begin. Get the therapeutic heat right in the region of anxiety and strain for optimum relief!

The older we get, we tend to start using products like heating pads, compression wear, insoles, and whatever will help us get through the day with fewer body aches. Hopefully, using these products will also help us get a much better night’s sleep.  This wrap is just another way to add pain relief to our life.

Heat therapy can help ease your stress from the day and soothe aching muscles. The therapeutic massaging body Relief Wrap will melt stress and tension away while keeping you cozy and warm. The soft body wrap includes a convenient long cable and controller to move freely, plus it shuts off automatically after a couple of hours for your safety. Two heat settings soothe aching joints and soothe sore muscles.

New Thermapulse Relief Wrap ultra-massage heating pad with fast-heating technology, heat therapy wrap with four massage settings, machine washable, auto shut off.

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