InStyler TURBO MAX – The Fastest Hair Dryer…Hands Down!

InStyler TURBO MAX – The Best Hair Dryer…Period

InStyler TURBO MAX Ionic Hair Dryer is lightweight and perfect for all hair types. When tested against the leading hair dryers, even one that cost 4X as much, Instyler TURBO MAX dried up to 35% faster! Dry your hair quickly and with precise control with this ionic turbo max hairdryer from InStyler.

Turbo Max Details

Take your drying-out experience beyond the world of low/medium/high. TURBO MAX’s Infinite Dial lets you tailor the optimal warmth and airflow to prevent damage and offers you more control to develop the best outcomes for your unique hair demands and personalized design. The different aerospace-designed air movement system combined with the new advanced hi-torque electric motor attains maximum drying efficiency, enabling you to dry faster than in the past.

Towel completely dry your hair to soak up as much moisture as possible. When you prepare to start drying, establish the warmth to Reduced, and begin by harsh drying your hair to get rid of excess water. With the Infinity Airflow, Dial turned entirely up, and also the TURBO Switch readied to low, run the clothes dryer over your head using your hands to raise the hair at the origins. When your hair has to do with three-quarters dry, transform the warm setting to High and decline the airflow for precision control while showing the adverse ions to TURBO to secure the follicle for a frizz-free, durable design.

The InStyler TURBO MAX was tested against the leading hair dryers, even one that costs four times as much, and in all tests, TURBO MAX dried hair up to 35% faster. Customize airflow, heat, and ions to create perfect results for your unique hair needs and personalized style.

How can InStyler make such a bold claim? They have tested TURBO MAX against the leading hair dryers, even one that sets you back four times a lot. In all examinations, TURBO MAX dried hair approximately 35% faster. Additionally, with 10x the typical hairdryer’s ionic power, the ions break down the water beads into a smaller dimension to dry hair quicker and much less frizz. The mix of a different aerospace-designed air movement system and the brand-new innovative hi-torque electric motor achieves maximum drying performance – enabling you to dry faster than ever before.


  • Perfect For All Hair Types
  • Ultra Lightweight (14.4oz)
  • Aerospace Designed Airflow System
  • Advanced Hi-Torque Motor
  • Turbo Ionic Generator
  • Infinity Airflow Dial
  • 2 Heat Settings and Cool Shot
  • 9′ Professional Power Cord
  • Concentrator Nozzle

TURBO MAX’s new advanced hi-torque electric motor integrated with the aerospace-developed airflow system strikes every other dryer away with its unequaled power and drying rate. This one-of-a-kind fan system enables the clothes dryer to be approximately 2 pounds lighter than various other dryers, which means using TURBO MAX makes hair drying out a breeze.

TURBO MAX’s ion generator and tourmaline ceramic grill maximize frizz reduction for smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair.


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