Grayban – Going Gray? Restore Natural Hair Color

Graybar for Men and Women
Restore Natural Hair Color!

Restore Your Hair Color! Applying the lotion every day to the dry hair gives it back to its original color!

Grayban gives the hair back its youthful look with a laboratory-tested capillary treatment with its reinvigorating action.

Grayban doesn’t need any special precautions, and nobody will realize that you are treating your hair if you use it for 7 – 14 days. Your hair will also regain volume and vitality Grayban doesn’t make the hair greasy and irritates the skin. After treatment, occasional periodic use will keep your hair looking naturally young.

GrayBan works with the protein that is natural hairs to produce melanin that gradually and naturally brings straight back your hair color. Spray GrayBan each day for around three weeks, then maintain as needed. A bonus is your hair’s increased amount of bounce and shine.

GrayBan combines your hair’s natural protein to bolster melanin-like pigment back into the locks. Melanin starts to diminish as we age. The result of decreased melanin is gray hair since Melanin is a pigment. With each day-to-day application, the hair becomes darker – gradually – you desire until you regain the natural-looking color.

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