Tac Visor As Seen On TV Car Visor

Tac Visor is the car visor that blocks glare without blocking your view! The Tac Visor features unique light-filtering technology that enhances color to give you sharp vision. Install Tac Visor within seconds! With the Tac Visor, you won’t have to struggle to see through your windshield any longer. Stay safe and know what you need to do on the road with the Tac Visor!

As Seen On TV Tac Visor – Military-Inspired Visor Blocks Glare Without Blocking Your View

Enhances Colors To Give You Vision As Sharp As An Eagle’s

Tac Visor from Bell and Howell protects your eyes from the sun when you drive? And other cars’ headlights can blind you when you go at night? Say goodbye to those problems, and order your Tac Visor by Bell and Howell today!

Are you tired of the bright sun making the road difficult to see or another vehicle’s lights in your eyes? We’ve got the perfect solution. The Bell and Howell Tac Visor Day and Night Polarized Anti-Glare Car Visor! This car tool has a light-filtering material for your windshield, inspired by the face shields that Air Force pilots wear while they’re flying. Clip this As Seen on TV anti-glare visor onto your vehicle’s existing bill for easy installation.

The Visor filters both light and ultraviolet rays (UV) to significantly reduce glare, thus increasing visibility and improving your scenic view on your travels! So not only can you maximize driving safety, but you also get to protect your vision!

It easily clips onto your visor. The visor is designed not to break or shatter.

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